Kerala State Welfare Corporation for Forward Communities is successfully functioning under the wholehearted working of the following officials.

Sri. R. Balakrishna Pillai Chairman, with Cabinet Rank
Prof.P.K Madhavan Nair Director (Non- Official)
Sri. Mathew Stephen Ex- MLA Director (Non-Official)
Sri. Karimpuzha Raman Director (Non-Official)
Sri.K.C. Soman Nambiar Director (Non-Official)
Sri. B. Ramachandran Nair Director (Non-Official)
Adv.R. Gopalakrishna Pillai Director (Non-Official)
Smt. Preetha B.S Director (Ex-Officio)
Sri. M.G. Ranjith Kumar Additional Secretary to Government &
Managing Director (Full Additional Charge)

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